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The Math Machine

Chalkboard Math


Grades K-3

Solving basic math and counting problems.

This game skews a bit younger, but it remains appropriate for even third-graders. Students are presented a series of problems and must use the mouse to select the correct answer. A counter calculates the amount of time it takes a student to complete the series of problems. Unlike other online counting and math games, this one ups the ante by varying the way the potential answers are displayed. In some cases they are presented numerically and in order (1,2,3, etc.). In other cases, they are presented textually and out-of-order (three, one, two, etc.). This way, students will not find patterns in the questions and will have to focus on the math.

Students may select from any of the following types of problems: addition, subtraction and counting.

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Article by Jason Tomaszewski
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