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Worst Passwords Revealed

Every year, the folks at SplashData release a list of the worst, most ineffective, potentially dangerous passwords employed by people to "protect" their various technological properties. These are considered the bottom of the barrel and are as bad as not password protecting at all.

SplashData's list of the worst passwords with their change from last year's ranking in parentheses:

  1. password (unchanged)
  2. 123456 (unchanged)
  3. 12345678 (unchanged)
  4. abc123 (up 1)
  5. qwerty (down 1)
  6. monkey (unchanged)
  7. letmein (up 1)
  8. dragon (up 2)
  9. 111111 (up 3)
  10. baseball (up 1)
  11. iloveyou (up 2)
  12. trustno1 (down 3)
  13. 1234567 (down 6)
  14. sunshine (up 1)
  15. master (down 1)
  16. 123123 (up 4)
  17. welcome (new)
  18. shadow (up 1)
  19. ashley (down 3)
  20. football (up 5)
  21. Jesus (new)
  22. michael (up 2)
  23. ninja (new)
  24. mustang (new)
  25. password1 (new)


Gifted Students And Stress During the...

During my time as an elementary teacher, I’ve seen gifted kids stress out.

I remember the time a student began crying and screaming, saying his “parents were going to kill him” because he didn’t get all As on his report card. One child would crawl under the desk and shake whenever he got less than a 90 percent on a test. Others would just break down, telling me they were tired of everyone expecting too much from them, or complain how the students outside of the gifted program would...

How To Prepare for the First Fantastic...

With the beginning of the new school year right around the corner, many new and veteran teachers are wondering about their new students. I remember lying awake at night thinking about how I was going to set up my classroom, change my classroom management, and wondering what the new families would be like and what they would bring to my classroom. I knew it was always about the children and what was best for them...

Sign Language and Its Importance As you...

When I started teaching, I knew I wanted more for my students than even I could imagine. I wanted to expose them to all types of learning, activities, centers, and curriculum. When I was getting my degree, I decided to take sign language because I had taken Spanish in high school. I am so glad I did because I used sign language daily with my students for the five years I taught in public schools. Sign language...

Giving Students The Best Start

As proven in research, we know that the first five years of life are crucial times for a child’s learning and development. All children deserve a quality education, but before education comes, there are certain things they need from the family and community that surround them. Here are five ideas that are crucial from birth until the age of 5:

  1. Prenatal care (doctor's appointments,...

What Children Need and Want

As an early childhood professional, I think we all ask ourselves: what do children really need at school? What do children want at school? Some would argue with need and want, saying they can’t be the same thing, but they are the same. As I was teaching and saw different teaching styles and the way classrooms were run, I learned a lot about what I wanted and needed to do because of what my students needed and...

Types of Play and How they Help...

A couple of years ago, I wrote an article about the extinction of play in terms of what everyone considers play and how play has changed over time. As early childhood professionals, we know and understand that play is a child’s vehicle to learning and exploring. It is imperative to understand how the role of play contributes to a child’s development. 

Child-initiated play is becoming less valued and even...

Breaking Down Centers for Play and...

In this article, we will reflect on popular interest areas and or centers in the early childhood classroom. It is important to do this because oftentimes, teachers are accused of only having children play. We must ensure that parents understand that play is a child’s vehicle for learning...

What Kind of Teacher are you? A Great...

What kind of teacher are you?

Would you like to be better at what you do?

As a teacher self-reflection is vital. 

Are you at a point where you want to change or can change?

Do you self-reflect and continually change?

What qualities do you possess that make you the kind of teacher you would want your child to have, or your grandchildren to have? 

As I taught, I would...

Early Childhood Environments: Why Use...

When you walk into an early childhood classroom, what do you expect to see? Teachers, administrators, staff, and educational expects probably expect to see something different than parents, children, or community members. Teachers are usually taught in school what is appropriate and needed to have a warm, welcoming, and appropriate environment for each age level. Therefore, hours of thought are put into how their...

How To Plan Effective, Engaging and...

When I was in college, I heard all about centers and how fun they were. I observed in classrooms where centers were placed throughout the environment. Until I got my own classroom, I never really understood the effect that centers had on a classroom setting. I didn’t truly...