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 Site Review: Middle School Debate


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Content:  A very basic Web site, MiddleSchool Debate offers a list of possible topics for middle-school debates. The site also has some very basic info on what makes a good debate topic, as well as lists of archival debate topics from previous years. For the current topics, the site also provides links so that students or teachers can do research on the issues.

Design:  The site has a homemade look and feel to it, and it's hard to say whether it really has a design. Still, the navigation works well, and the lists of debate topics are easy enough to read.

Review: The site doesn't promise much but it does deliver what it promises. If you want a list of debate topics for a middle-school debate, then the site won't let you down. Many of the archival topics are outdated, but there are still a lot that still would be useful. If you're looking for comprehensive information on debates or debating, you won't really find it here.

Bottom Line:  In a very narrow niche, this site could certainly be useful for a middle-school teacher who needs help selecting a debate topic or for a student looking to research a topic.


Article by Daniel B. Kline, Education World Contributing Editor
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