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Content:  This site is pretty spartan, as it really only serves as a portal to the iTunes App Store. The entire site consists of a brief introduction, an overview of Britannica Kids, and a list of its apps.

Design:  With very little content comes very little design. This is a single-page site, and nearly every link points to an off-site page. The good thing here is that there isn’t any room for confusion, and none of the content gets lost.

Review: Despite having minimal content, this Britannica site rates fairly high due to the strength of its lone resource. The list of apps directs users to the iTunes App Store, where they can be purchased. Further, since a large banner at the top of the Britannica site boasts “New Apps Released Every Month,” repeat visits would definitely be worth teachers’ while.

Bottom Line: Among educators, Britannica has been a hallmark brand for decades. So if you’re a fan of Britannica and use an iPad, this Apps site is certainly worth checking.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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