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S P E C I A L   T H E M E     P A G E

October 4, 1999

Ed World Celebrates National Techies Day!

This week, Education World joins in celebrating the first annual National Techies Day! Often techies work behind the scenes, so October 5 is the ideal opportunity to bring their contributions to the forefront, say organizers of the event.

Our stories this week include:

  • First-Time Computer Buyers: Advice from Experts
    This story marks the debut of Education World's TECH TEAM, thirty-five educational technology professionals from around the world. Each month, Tech Team members will offer their advice and experiences on issues of interest to all educators. This week, the Tech Team debuts with their responses to the question that each of them gets asked more often than any other: "Which computer should I buy?" Their answers offer a concise guide for first-time computer buyers. Technology pros might learn new ideas about how to answer that oft-asked question!

  • Computer Sabotage: A Lesson Plan
    Computer teacher Tom Guy was surprised to find that his students were coming to him, completely perplexed, with every minor glitch that occurred in the computers in his lab. He decided to give the kids a crash course in fixing minor difficulties by "sabotaging" a computer each day and putting the students on the case.

  • You've Got E-Mail --- But Can You Make It *Really* Deliver?
    So you want to do a classroom project on-line? Don't even think about hitting that SEND button until you read this advice from author and educator Judi Harris about what it takes to create a valuable on-line project. Included: Ten tips for completing telecollaborative projects successfully.

  • Log On and Learn More: Ten On-Line Projects to Enhance Your Curriculum
    Looking for ways to introduce technology into your classroom without losing valuable teaching time? Look no further! Education World has found ten terrific on-line projects to incorporate into your curriculum.

National Techies Day was founded by CNET and, with additional support from national sponsors that include Compaq, Information Week, FedEx, and the Gartner Group.