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Great Sites for Teaching About ... Teeth

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Each week, Education World's Great Sites for Teaching About ... page highlights Web sites to help educators work timely themes into their lessons. As we celebrate Dental Health Month, this week's sites are among the best on the Web for teaching about teeth.

American Dental Association Web Page
The American Dental Association offers an Animations & Games section for families and kids. The site also provides a section for teachers that includes Classroom Ideas and Resources.

ADHA Kid's Stuff
The American Dental Hygienists' Association hosts this fact-filled site on dental health for elementary kids. The Common Questions section offers dental FAQs and an e-mail opportunity if your question isn't answered on the site. Interactive games include Visiting the Dental Hygienist and After School Treats that promote healthy choices for good oral health. The Very Cool Links are not specific to dental health but are still kid safe and fun to peruse.

Healthy Teeth
Subtitled the "Oral Health Education Database," this site offers information for upper elementary students on Teeth & Gums, Cavities, Prevention, Braces, and more. The section Experiments and Activities provides some interesting experiments for kids in grades four to six.

Kid's World
Colgate-Palmolive sponsors this home of Dr. Rabbit's No Cavities Club House. Here, children can tour the world and learn about dental health through games and activities designed for the primary elementary set. The site provides a printable tooth brushing chart, fun facts on oral hygiene, a chance to find a secret message from the tooth fairy, and activities that promote healthful snacking.

The Magic School Bus Maze Craze
This game challenges students to make their way around a maze while making healthful choices for snacks and meals to promote good dental health. Three visits to the Brushing Station will help keep players' teeth healthy so kids can rack up more points each game. The site also has a link to more information about teeth and dental health.

Tell the Tooth Glyph

The Baltimore County Public Schools published this online lesson plan that challenges students to gather tooth information, create a visual display of what they've learned, and create a tooth creature as a result. Perfect for elementary students, the lesson comes with a printable activity sheet and a tooth graphic children can use for their project.

Crest Kids
Crest presents this Web site on dental health. The site offers ideas and tips for parents and teachers to use as they teach students about the value of good dental health. Included: An "eggs-periment" for teaching kids about cavities.

Article by Walter McKenzie
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Originally published 02/21/2001
Links last updated 01/30/2007