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The Inauguration


Each week, Education World's Great Sites for Teaching About ... page highlights Web sites to help educators work timely themes into their lessons. In recognition of the inauguration of our new president, this week's sites are among the best on the Web for teaching about the inauguration.


  1. The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden

    The Smithsonian Institution offers this sharp presentation that is based on an exhibit of the same name. The interactive time line across the top of the page helps viewers survey the greatness of the men who have held the office of the presidency. The section The Campaign Trail includes inauguration information, and Life and Death at the White House offers a more human view of presidents and their wives. Round all this out with teacher materials, and you have a great tool for exploring the people who have held this highest of offices.


  2. The American President

    Based on the PBS series, this site offers historical insight and perspective on the men who have served in our highest office, from "accidental presidents" to national heroes, this site presents them all with unique points of view sure to stir up discussion in your classroom. The Voting Booth offers the chance to interact online with others, and the Resources link offers an extensive collection of online and offline materials.


  3. The Chief Executive Club

    This page is packed with presidential trivia and well-researched biographies, facts, and links on all of our presidents, including President-elect George W. Bush. The separate section on vice presidents who have become presidents is equally as valuable and filled with information. This site is great for fascinating information and student research.


  4. I Do Solemnly Swear

    The Library of Congress presents this significant collection of materials on past inaugurations, including such sections as Words and Images, Presidential Oaths of Office, and Precedents and Notable Events. Also included is an extensive list of resources you can peruse for further research on the topic.


  5. Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States

    This site presents the text of every inaugural address, from George Washington's onward. Help students consider the historical context of speeches by Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Kennedy. By analyzing the speeches, students can identify major trends in the evolution of American politics and the American identity. They can even compare past addresses and determine what should be expected in the inaugural speech given by President-elect George W. Bush!


  1. United States Presidents Drill

    This interactive quiz by Canitech allows your students to test their presidential knowledge on dates of terms of office, vice presidents, and numbers of terms. Feedback is automatically given for correct and incorrect answers. This quiz is a great way to begin a study of the chief executives or even to wrap up and review at the conclusion of a unit.


  1. The Presidents' Project

    Students from around the country have researched our nation's chief executives and created Web sites celebrating their lives, administrations, legacies, and home states. This main page offers links to various project contributions and will also serve as the launching pad for the 2001 edition of the project, set to begin on February 12. Check back at the site if you would like to have your class join!


  2. The White House

    Use the official White House Web site to check on the transition of power. The site will offer a fascinating media study in the way one administration presents itself online and the way the next administration will choose to portray itself as it comes into power. Rather than offering students a quick glimpse of the site in January, use the site as long-term study between now and June!

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