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Education World's Great Sites for Teaching About ... page highlights Web sites to help educators work timely themes into their lessons. Internet educator Walter McKenzie selected the sites listed below, which are among the best on the Web for teaching about elections.

America Votes
This is an online collection of memorabilia from past presidential campaigns. Resources date as far back as the Adams-Jefferson race of 1796. Users can find letters, pictures, trading cards, sheet music, posters, buttons, and much more here. Take a look at the Clay Gallopade from the 1844 race between Henry Clay and James K. Polk or examine a pamphlet about prohibition from the 1928 campaign between Al Smith and Herbert Hoover.

Cast Your Vote
Cast Your Vote (CYV) provides an interactive survey that leads to a simulation and statistics exhibit on the voting process in the United States. Random sampling is defined, explained in depth, and then presented as a simulation in which participants can create a random sample for a fictitious candidate. The applications and vicarious experiences offer an excellent model for middle school students and older of how polling impacts the political process.

Democracy Project
This fabulous PBS site is designed to involve students in upcoming elections with features such as Check the Record, Read Between the Lines, and Build Your Own Campaign. One link from the site, The Thirty Second Candidate, looks at political advertising in the United States with the intent of nurturing media savvy in today's students, tomorrow's voters. The included teacher materials are first-rate!

Polling Report
The Polling Report is a non-partisan breakdown of current polling statistics. The Polling Report doesn't just report the numbers, however, it offers thoughtful analysis of the numbers as well, while avoiding putting political spin on the results.

Voting and Registration Data
Users can access demographic and socioeconomic data concerning national elections from 1964 to the present. Your students can study results from any presidential race by gender, age, race, religion, education, and occupation.


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