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New! Technology in the Classroom

Education World features all sorts of useful Web sites in all sorts of ways. These sites are from our archives but they remain useful resources today.


    An electronic grade book, a real-time sky display, a Shakespeare trivia game, and a customizable spelling bee are just a few of the hundreds of educational freeware and shareware products ready to download onto your hard drive. Each download includes product specs, quick facts, a narrative description, and easy to follow directions. The searchable database can help you find lots more great instructional and productivity tools too!
  2. PC Lube and Tune
    Perhaps you're ready to learn a little more about the hardware behind your PC -- but not sure where to begin? PC Lube and Tune, "a Service Station and convenience store at Exit 130.132 on the National Information Highway," explains hardware, operating systems, COM ports, modems, ISDN lines, the Ethernet, and more -- in terms even a technophobe can understand.
  3. Tammy's Tech Tips for Teachers
    At this site, you'll find lots of practical tips for classroom management, online projects, electronic portfolios, Internet navigation, technology workshops, and much more.
  4. Videoconferencing for Learning
    AT&T maintains this site on using digital video to conduct distance learning in real time over the Internet. The site includes tips on using videoconferencing in the classroom, developing communication skills, and employing evaluation techniques. Lots of interactive links allow visitors to move around and gather the information needed to take the plunge. Excellent recommendations on other resources are also included.
  5. Media Selection Worksheet
    ml Perhaps you want to integrate a lesson with technology but aren't sure which type of media would work best. Just complete the checklist and click submit, and this site will return a list of appropriate media that match your lesson objectives. This is a fun and informative exercise even if you don't have a lesson in mind.


Article by Walter McKenzie
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