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Will Coding Schools Take Over in the Future?

It might not be a stretch to think that coding schools might end up taking over the future of education, according to some tech experts.

“Coding has become cool again. But most schools are not equipped to deal with the sudden onslaught of students hungry to learn the language of machines,” says D. Frank Smith of EdTechMagazine.

Experts like Adam Enbar, co-founder and president of New York’s Flatiron School, said that coding has the potential to make a major shift in education, according to the report. Enbar’s argument is based on the following statement:

"When was the last time an entirely new subject matter was added to the curriculum?"

Great question, while Common Core Standards and STEM learning have been “new approaches” to learning, they are still implemented to make existing subjects like math, science and English a better overall learning experience.

Coding on the other hand is an entirely new type of curriculum and subject matter that makes you really question whether it has the potential to supplant time spent on other subjects in the coming years.

“Flatiron School is one of several coding schools across the country that have found success by teaching adults — and now students — the basics of web and mobile software development through courses that last just a few weeks,” according to EdTechMagazine.

“This year, the school expanded its pre-college program to Chicago, Ill., Miami, Fla., Los Angeles, Calif., and Austin, Texas. The school’s Pre-College Academy gives teens a chance to learn how to code before they pursue higher education and begin making career decisions. The mission behind the school is to inspire students with the possibilities that coding can open up, Enbar says.”

Students learn skills such as how to build functional web and mobile platforms and gain knowledge about the applications of their studies to real world tools.

“The IT industry is finding it difficult to fill all of its positions with fresh graduates as the field expands exponentially,” says Smith.

“Young tech entrepreneurs are rising to fame and fortune. And as mobile devices continue to proliferate, the potential to create the next great app has made software development a wellspring of enthusiasm for students.”

Coding schools are preparing students for a market that is full of job openings and potential, not only now, but also in the future. Districts might want to start to gear up for a serious shift in learning as students (and parents) could demand more coding options in school.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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