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Don't Blame Common Core for Flawed Classroom Materials

Don't Blame Common Core for Flawed Classroom Materials

New standards as rigorous as the Common Core require lots of other changes — to textbooks, lesson plans, homework assignments. Curriculum, and the materials needed to teach it, need serious revision. But currently those materials just aren't ready, reported NPREd.

Despite the marketplace being flooded with educational resources claiming Common Core alignment, many of those resources have not lived up to their promise.

Many blame publishers for attempting to cash in on the Core, but the truth is more complicated, said NPR writer Cory Turner. Building quality textbooks is a process, and schools may feel they don't have the luxury of time.

"There's been no time in American history where this number of school districts wanted to swap out all their reading and math materials at all grades for new things, " Jay Diskey, of the Association of American Publishers, told NPR. 

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Article by Navindra Persaud, EducationWorld Contributor

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