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TIME Cover Story Protest Could Impact Magazine Subscriptions

As Education World reported last week, educators and teachers' unions were so unhappy with a TIME magazine cover that proclaimed "Rotten Apples: It's Nearly Impossible to Fire a Bad Teacher. Some Tech Millionaires May Have Found a Way to Change," that they were petitioning for an apology.

According to an article on, 100,000 signatures were added to the online position.

Natasha Capers, parent organizer with union-allied Coalition for Educational Justice "accused Time of “demonizing” teachers and striking divisions between teachers and communities."

“We got rid of the mayor who continued to do that,” Capers said, referring to tough-on-unions Michael Bloomberg. “And we’ll get rid of the magazine too.”

The article states that "11,000 of the petitioners were Time subscribers and over 64,000 acknowledged using the magazine in their schools." The popular TIME for Kids magazine is used in elementary classrooms throughout the country.

Many people agree that the actual story was not as inflammatory as the cover headline indicated. While did not apologize, on Thursday October 30th Editor Nancy Gibbs stated: "We view education as crucial to America’s success, and it concerns me if teachers who have not had a chance to read our coverage have heard it mischaracterized." The article is available free online so that non-subscribers can read it as well. 

Read the full article.

Corrie Kerr, Editor, Education World


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