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'Teen Mazes' Prepare Students for Future Life Choices

'Teen Mazes' Prepare Students For Future Life Choices

Using interactive "Teen Mazes" to teach students about their future and the consequences bad decisions carry has become more popular in districts across the nation.

Seventh Graders in Boone County, Iowa participated in its 5th annual "Teen Maze," where they witnessed the outcomes of the poor life choices that might face them.

The maze began with a mock juvenile court, where students were made aware of the harsh penalties that things like underage drinking could carry.

"'I think even though they realize that this is pretend, they are still very timid and afraid of what is going to happen,' Shawna Johnson said, who was the acting judge. Johnson brings expertise to the maze as she is a prosecutor for Story County," according to an article on

The maze continued on to 12 different obstacles that revolved around the difficult life choices that may present themselves when the students go through high school. 

Likewise, in Hamilton County, Tennessee, a local organization is on course to debut a Teen Maze of its own for high school sophomores. The organization 1N3 uses a "life-size interactive game board" to stress the dangers of "substance abuse and rehabilitation, legal consequences and the justice system, relationships, sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy and parenting, financial obligations, depression and suicide, peer pressure, media myths and dangers, education and career opportunities," according to an article on

"Teens witnessed several different scenarios. Local first responders acted out a mock, deadly car accident involving teenagers. Students in the 'House Party' section learned about teen pregnancy, substance abuse, and peer pressure to drink. Hamilton County Juvenile Court had actual judges and court administrators showing teens what it's like to face legal consequences of their actions," according to an article on

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor

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