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Tech Experts Provide Four Questions for Teachers Trying New Tech Tools

Tech Experts Provide Four Questions for Teachers Trying New Tech Tools

With technology expanding every day, high school teachers may not have time to do research on different tech options or have the time to get up to speed on different software and apps.  

"There is so much out there, they are overwhelmed," said Laura Coulter, a technology learning coach at Westwood High School in South Carolina in an article on "They don’t even have time to figure out what’s good."

Coulter said using technology instruction is important, "because teenage students will soon be entering college and the workforce – where technology plays a central role." Even though there may be some barriers, the article said, "high schoolers are older and generally have had some experience with technology. That can be an asset when trying to incorporate technology in the classroom."

The article suggests that when it comes to tech tools, high school teachers "should ask these questions to determine if the tool will work in their classroom." One of the questions includes, "do other teachers recommend the tool?"

"Before even trying a tool out in the classroom, teachers should get opinions from other teachers," said Ruth Okoye, technology resource teacher with Portsmouth Public Schools in Virginia.

Okoye suggests external sites such as Common Sense Media’s Graphite and TeachersFirst​ ​for other opinions.

"I turn to Twitter because it is a connection with others like me," said Coulter. "I’m the only one of me on my campus, so I have to use outside sources and I try to encourage teachers to do the same thing."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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