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Teachers Need the Summer to Recharge Their Batteries

Teachers Need the Summer to Recharge Their Batteries

People often ask teachers what they do with their time off during the summer. Do they pick up a second job? Do they go to conferences? Teachers need summers to recharge their batteries. They read books on professional development; they have conversations with other teachers on forums and in person. They do whatever they can to ensure they go into the fall stronger than they were last year.

Tony Vala-Haynes, a guest columnist for The Oregonian, wrote about why educators need summers off and what they do in order to teach students effectively. 

Every evening it's not even a question with my wife of what I have been doing," said Haynes. "She merely asks, 'Well, what did you buy today?' Our shelves have long been overflowing with books. Recently I've taken to making piles in different corners of the apartment. She doesn't mind. She gets it. I'm recharging my battery."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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