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Teacher Unions to McDonalds: End McTeacher Nights

Teachers to McDonalds: End McTeacher Nights

McDonalds is facing opposition from teacher unions across the country for its practice of hosting McTeacher nights that raise money for schools while marketing unhealthy food to children.

For those unfamiliar with McTeacher Nights, it is the practice of the restaurant chains using "teachers or school administrators volunteer at the counter or the drive-thru for a designated period, during which a portion of the sales benefit a specific school-related purpose," said The Chicago Tribune.

Yesterday, the Chicago Teachers Union teamed up with the National Education Association and others to send an open letter to McDonalds asking for a cease-and-desist of the practice.

"The twofold problem, opponents say, is that the fundraisers market unhealthy food to kids while raising only a small amount of money for the schools," the article said.

Non-profit Corporate Accountability International told The Tribune that it tracked over 360 McTeacher Nights over the past two years in all parts of the country.

A McDonald's spokesperson, Lisa McComb, argues that McTeacher Nights are mostly not tracked or organized by the corporation but rather are set up typically after a parent-teacher organization contacts a McDonald's franchise owner.

McComb said the majority of McTeacher night sponsors are independent franchise owners looking to give back to the community, although she said that some company-owned restaurants have held McTeacher night fundraisers as well.

In fact, she says those company-organized fundraisers have raised $2.5 million in proceeds for education since January 2013.

Still, teachers unions are not having it as they stand behind a nationwide surge to promote healthier eating habits in school-aged children.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


End the McTeacher Night?

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