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Teachers Describe Using Online Funding Platform to Help Meet Classroom Needs

Teachers Describe Using Donors Choose to Help Fund Classroom Projects

It's not new information that teachers are not provided enough funding for all of the school supplies needed throughout the school year. A recent study revealed that teachers spend an average of $500 on supplies annually and educator Carole Damin told IndyStar that she only receives $75 in reimbursement for supplies from her district.

In order to manage the cost of supplies and still provide students with rewarding activities, educators like Damin turn to crowdfunding sites like Donors Choose, where teachers post desired projects, the cost of supplies for said projects, and the financial goal needed to be reached to afford it. If enough users on the site contribute to the project, Donors Choose will buy the supplies for the teachers and send them to his or her school. The teacher only has to do as little as send over pictures after the project is finished and enacted.

According to IndyStar, "Damin has used Donors Choose for items such as 18 swivel stools, individual white boards and markers, a listening station, seat cushions and classroom storage. She’s had 16 completed projects since 2007." She is now turning to the site for her biggest request yet of $1,687 for four iPad minis with protective cases to use in reading and math workshops, the article said.

Damin told IndyStar donations come from not only families throughout the district who are looking to benefit their children, but also from donors from all over the world who care deeply about kids.

IndyStar looks at other examples of supplies requested by teachers such as Kellie Holden's request for materials to help elementary school students master math with value cubes, quiz cards and the like. Holden is asking for $504 by Oct. 23 to give an example of the timeline for such projects.

Brandi Taziyah, on the other hand, is simply looking for funding for basic art supplies for her classroom. She is asking donors for $421 by Sept. 15 for "rubbing stencils, glitter, feathers, pipe cleaners, cord and other supplies."

These two educators are both from the Indianapolis area, but educators all over the country are seeking to fund similar endeavors for their classrooms. Check out Donors Choose here.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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