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Teacher Tenure Under Attack Across Country

In addition to the recent ruling by a California judge that eliminated some teacher tenure protection in that state, a number of other states have been rolling back tenure protections.

The Associated Press examined these changes, which impact rules that have long protected teachers from losing their jobs for reasons unrelated to job performance.

Examples from the article include:

Florida put all teachers hired after 2011 on an annual teaching contract, which essentially ended tenure.

Kansas and North Carolina also are seeking to eliminate tenure or phase it out.

The nonpartisan Education Commission of the States, which highlighted the changes in a recent report, said 16 states -- up from 10 in 2011 -- now require the results of teacher evaluations be used in determining whether to grant tenure.

“The debate over teacher tenure comes as many states, propelled by Obama administration-led incentives, develop more meaningful teacher evaluation systems that seek to provide a more accurate picture of student learning under a teacher," according to AP.

Read the full story here.

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