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Teacher Tenure Lawsuits Spread Across the Nation

Teacher Tenure Lawsuits Spread Across the Nation

Lawsuits and disputes involving the controversial issue of teacher tenure continue to spread from California to New York. 

According to, a group of parents and advocates in New York filed a lawsuit challenging tenure laws. This is the second lawsuit of its kind in the state. Both suits come after last month's ruling in Vergara v. California, where a Los Angeles judge found state laws unconstitutional, noting that tenure rules "saddle poor and minority students with 'grossly ineffective' teachers, a violation of the right to equality of education spelled out in California's constitution."

The criticism of tenure, said the article, comes in three "buckets." First, critics say teachers receive tenure too quickly. Second, critics argue that "last-in, first-out" seniority rules mean younger teachers are dismissed before older teachers. Third, many believe that firing low-performing teachers is too difficult and involves "too much red tape."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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