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Teacher Implements Blended Learning One Day a Week

Teacher Implements Blended Learning One Day a Week

Switching over to blended learning in traditional K-12 school districts is a major change, and one pubic school teacher is making the process easier by beginning with implementing blended learning one day a week.

In Forest Hills school district in Cincinnati, OH, there is no such thing as a school-wide approach to blended learning that many school districts use.

Instead, individual teachers in each school are encouraged to blend their own classrooms, eSchoolNews says.

High school science teacher Krista Willertz has decided to do so using a 4/1 blended learning model, or blending classroom instruction just one day a week.

"In the 4/1 model, students have more traditional learning experiences four days per week with one day of online instruction. Because the online content students are using can be completed anytime and anywhere, this frees up a day for personalized, student-driven experiences,” eSchoolNews said.

Should an entire grade level or school adopt a 4/1 blended learning model, eSchoolNews hypothesizes this would benefit students by giving them a more flexible learning model and teachers more time to personalize instruction.

"By blending four days of face-to-face instruction with one day of online instruction, schools can maintain their time-honored sense of tradition. But a model like the 4/1 can begin to push public schools into the 21st century, a place in time where critical and creative thinking, independence, and real world contributions are valued over knowledge accumulation, and the possibilities created by new technology can be fully realized.”

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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