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Teacher Gets A Surprise When She Visits A School Bathroom

While there are strong arguments on both sides of the debate as to whether teachers should be allowed to carry concealed weapons in schools, everyone would likely agree that if you are carrying, whether it be in a public building or elsewhere, proper gun safety is of paramount importance.

One Utah teacher learned a hard lesson about making sure her handgun's safety is properly engaged when, according to the Associated Press, she was injured when a porcelain toilet exploded and fragments of it struck her leg after her weapon accidently discharged in a faculty bathroom.

An ambulance was called for the teacher, according to AP, and classes continued as usual at the school, Westbrook Elementary School, in the Salt Lake City suburb of Taylorsville, Utah. Authorities originally believed the teacher had accidently shot herself, but quickly realized she had been hurt by fragments of the exploding toilet.

This just appears at this point in time to be an accident," Granite School District spokesman Ben Horsley told AP. The teacher has worked at the school for 14 years and the Horsley said she had a legal permit to do so.

Currently all 50 states allow concealed guns in some fashion, but rules for where they can be carried vary greatly. Eighteen states allow concealed guns in schools, according to a March, 2013 Huffington Post article. In most cases, the article reported NBC News as saying, actually doing so required the knowledge and approval of the school's administrator.

See the full AP article here.

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