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Study Shows Where Private School Enrollment Is Highest, Lowest in U.S.

Study Shows Where Private School Enrollment Is Highest and Lowest in U.S.

As the debate over whether private schools or public schools provide the best education rages on, recent studies have discovered that neighborhood trends are a big contributing factor. 

According to, more than two-thirds of adults with children under 12 said the neighborhood school is one of their most important considerations when choosing a home. Nationally,10 percent of grade-school children attend private schools, and in some neighborhoods, the majority of kids go to private school. 

CityLab analyzed where private school enrollment is high and low across the United States. 

"For parents looking to move, knowing whether neighborhood kids go to private or public schools can help them decide where to live," the article said. "First, a neighborhood’s level of private school enrollment signals whether you too might want to send your kids to private school if you lived there. Second, even if you plan to send your kids to public school, the share of neighborhood children in private schools affects whether most of the neighborhood kids will be at school with them."

Private school enrollment is high in states such as Louisiana, Hawaii and the Mid-Atlantic states in the Southwest and the mountain states, according to the article. Private school enrollment is at its lowest in states such as California, Texas, Nevada and Arizona. 

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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