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Students Learn STEM Principles Simply By Using Cardboard

While dozens of apps and slideshow presentations are created every week to help students learn math concepts, one school is going back to basics by using cardboard.

Students at Peabody Montessori Elementary School in Louisiana are using math, engineering, and problem-solving skills with cardboard, said an article on About 120 students from third to fourth grade "have spent the last month of their weekly Explor-A-Lab time researching, designing and now building projects out of cardboard," the article said.

After seeing a video of then 9-year-old Caine Monroe built a cardboard arcade, teacher Emily Swenson was inspired to create "the Imagination Foundation." the article said. Swenson said the video, "inspired her students to build while introducing engineering and design into her lessons."

"They realized they have to use math to build," she said. "There's math, the (building) process — knowing they have to fail. They have to test it out."

"Students formed groups and began brainstorming and researching for their project," the article said. "It could be an arcade game or anything else but had to feature a simple machine — like a lever, pulley or inclined plane — which the classes studied previously. Swenson has been impressed with the kids' creativity, drive and learning during the process."

A group of sixth graders, Darian Ferrell, Luke Ferguson, Cameron Hibert and Noah Shepherd, the article said, "are making a football field goal arcade game featuring an inclined plane and lever." The school's auditorium will soon become an arcade with cardboard games, mazes, and other projects. 

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor


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