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Still Need Help Understanding Common Core Math? This Video Series Helps

Still Need Help Understanding Common Core Math? This Video Series Helps

The Common Core Standards have faced a number of criticisms since implementation, but perhaps one of the biggest concerns is over its new approach to math.

Looking much different than what was taught just ten years ago, many parents have expressed concern over not being able to help their children when struggling with homework. And with the feeling hopelessness typically follows the feeling of anger- leaving many parents throughout the country plain old mad.

In September last year, for example, one dad became a viral sensation after writing a gag check to his son’s school using Common Core math.

Doug Hermann posted a gag check using the Common Core way to solve addition by breaking down numbers into tens and ones in small boxes with the cheeky caption "You figure it out." 

Thousands of parents shared the post- happy to see someone finally sticking it to the school for what they perceive to be such an inane way to add numbers.

It’s true that since implementation of new standards, many schools have been busy trying to find aligned learning materials and provide corresponding professional development to teachers. Many schools simply aren't t able to offer parents resources to understand the new standards as well, and schools that are able differ in their offerings.

In order to help parents understand how Common Core math works and why it was developed, The 74’s video journalist Anne Lagamayo has produced a six-part video series to do just that.

“...we’re doing our part to simplify and shine a spotlight on the new Common Core approach,” The 74 said.

“[W]atch our new six-part series that aims to explain how Common Core math works, why it was developed the way it was developed, and how it instills in young learners a deeper understanding and appreciation for the way numbers work.”

The videos cover the Common Core’s subtraction techniques, the new way to multiply, the tests that are aligned to the standards and more.

Check out the videos here.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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