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STEM News Roundup: Teaching STEM Over the Summer for All Ages

STEM News Roundup: Teaching STEM Over the Summer For All Ages

STEM summer programs are proven to get kids interested in STEM studies as they represent a great way to stop summer slide. See how some schools are taking advantage of the summer months to get kids engaged in and thinking about STEM studies for all grade levels.

1. Students Meet Science Hero

Lucky students at the Aldrin Elementary School in Reston, V.A. got to meet Buzz Aldrin, the inspiration behind the school's name in celebration of the school's 20th year. The school itself was designed to generate interest for children in science and engineering, and it continues to seek new ways to continue sparking interest.

Meeting astronaut Buzz Aldrin and getting to ask limitless questions about space was another one of those ways. Aldrin talked to students about space but also discussed the power of education and how his own education allowed for his journey into space.

Summer is a great time to do research about lining up classroom speakers; start looking for STEM leaders to speak to your class now!

Grade Level: Any!

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2. Biking Students Set Out to Inspire Others About STEM Studies

Harvard and MIT students are setting out on their bicycles to travel the country, sponsoring workshops along the way to get students they meet interested in STEM studies.

"The students hope to inspire the next generation of scientists and use the workshops - they call them 'learning festivals' - to brush off dusty stereotypes," CBS News said.

The 4,000 mile route seeks out rural communities to get kids engaged and interested in a future in subjects like programming and this year will even be giving out 10 grants for the best student inventions found along the way. In addition, the winners will have the life-long mentorship of the Harvard and MIT students.

Grade Level: 6-12

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3. Mobile Planetarium Lets All Students See the Stars

The inflatable Discovery Dome planetarium at one Corpus Christi, TX middle school is inspiring students to reach for the stars. The portable planetarium is provided to students via the district's public library system to much positive reception.

The dome uses 3D technology to teach children, and will be made available in six public libraries as part of an endeavor to ramp up summer reading programs.

Grade Level: 3-8

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4. Students to Design a Water Attraction for Community

Arlington middle school students will be participating in a summer program where, in teams, they will use the month of July to research and than design a water attraction for the city.

"They’ll be divided into groups of three or four to research and design a water attraction for Arlington. They can focus on a small spray park, or dream bigger with a sprawling aquatic center and thrilling waterslides," said Herald Net.

Students will learn details down to water sanitation, quality, affordability and sustainability and will get the chance to present proposals to city staff per week.

Grade Level: 6-9

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Compiled by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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