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STEM News Roundup: Is Your School Participating in the World Education Games?

STEM News Round-Up: Will Your School Participate in the World Education Games?

This week in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) news, find out how you can sign your school up to compete in an online global competition that challenges students in math, science and literacy. 

World of Education Games Set to 'Unite the World in Learning'

From Oct. 13-15, 30,000 schools in 200 countries will be united to challenge students in math, literacy and science during The World Education Games (WEG), the world's largest education competition.

The games are divided into three days, World Literacy Day, World Maths Day, and World Science Day where students are challenged on their respective skills, all made possible through a series of partnerships with leaders in the industries.

The competition, held strictly online to reach the global group of over 5 million kids, is completely free and designed for students of all ages and abilities.

Read more here and find out how students can sign up to participate here.

Dual-Language STEM Classes

One of the biggest challenges to increasing efforts in STEM is to get more minorities and women in the field to provide equal opportunity to all. In order to keep up with the needs of employers for a diversified workforce, one middle school is offering dual-language STEM classes, where both English and Spanish are emphasized equally.

"At Hayes [Middle School in Albuquerque Public Schools], science is in Spanish and math is in English, and teachers can speak both languages and swap between them to help students if need be. But the goal is to get them fully immersed in each language- speaking, learning and thinking in each class."

Read the full article here.

How to Support Minority STEM Students

Popular Science has put together some resources aimed to help keep minority students interested in STEM.

The list of resources do everything from connect students to mentors to providing scholarship programs and more.

Check out the comprehensive list here.

49ers STEM Program Will Host More Than 60,000 Kids This Year

The 49ers need not only be in the news for their work on the field this football season.

This school year, their STEM Education Program intends to provide learning platforms for 60,000 K-8 students.

"Now in its second year, the 49ers STEM Education Program provides a learning platform for students in grades K-8, teaching content-rich lessons using the STEM principles of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The 49ers STEM Education Program is preparing to host more than 60,000 students to participate this school year," according to the team's site.

Read more here.


Compiled by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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