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Should Schools Have Instagram Accounts? One Principal Thinks So

Should Schools Have Instagram Accounts? One Principal Thinks So

According to Adam Welcome, a K-5 principal and ASCD Smartblog contributor, Instagram is a great tool that school administrators should be taking advantage of to better connect with their community.

Welcome oversees the Montair School, which recently created an Instagram page to loop “authors, athletes, companies and school districts” into school conversations.

"If your school isn’t already on Instagram, I urge you to join the fun. Have fun with the filters and tell your story. It’s a great way to build school culture and keep your community involved in all the awesome things that are happening in your school,” Welcome said in his Smartblog post.

The Montair School’s Instagram account features pictures of students on the playground, student artwork, school gardens, and the school’s edtech. In other words, it showcases a lot of the things the school has worked hard to have and does a good job in letting others in the community see that.

The page even serves as notices to parents about school closures. Two weeks ago, the school used Instagram as one way to remind the community that it would be closed for staff development.



Reminder - No school today (Monday) for staff development!

A photo posted by @montairschool on


Other posts include examples of what kids are learning:



Point of View anchor chart during Readers Workshop!

A photo posted by @montairschool on

And pictures like this adorable picture of “book club:”



Book club

A photo posted by @montairschool on

Needless to say, one gets a great idea of what the Montair School is about from browsing its Instagram page, and its community likely appreciates that. 

Read the full post here.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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