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SAT Essay Losing Value in College Admissions

SAT Essay Losing Value in College Admissions

The College Board's update to the SAT exam, which will go into effect this upcoming March, will no longer require students to take the essay portion of the exam, making the essay an optional component for both the exam and many college and university applications.

Following the roll-out of the new SAT, many colleges and universities will not require SAT essay submissions for admission considerations.

According to, Kaplan Test Prep surveyed 300 different colleges and universities " to understand how they would approach the introduction of the new generation of SAT and found that many of the top tier institutions would no longer require the essay submission."

This includes Ivy League schools such as Columbia University, Cornell and University of Pennsylvania. Certainly, as top tier institutions such as these make the decision to dismiss the SAT essay portion, a trickle-down effect will likely happen with colleges and universities across the country.

"According to the survey, two-thirds of schools will remain neutral, neither requiring nor recommending it. Nineteen percent will recommend but not require it. Another 13 percent will require it; and 2 percent will only require it for specific programs," said.

However, Michael Boothroyd, executive director of college admissions programs at Kaplan Test Prep, warned students not to dismiss the section all together.

"One thing to consider is that an optional but more challenging section provides an opportunity for students who are good writers and analysts to distinguish themselves. Schools appreciate applicants who challenge themselves, so earning a high score on an optional section can factor favorably on an application," he told THE Journal.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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