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Samsung Introduces One-to-One Learning Solutions

Samsung introduced its new Chromebook 3 at FETC 2016 and with it comes a potentially better way of empowering learning through one-to-one engagement. The company will be partnering with Neverware, McGraw-Hill Education and SMART Technologies to help schools adopt one-to-one learning in hopes to “enable greater collaboration, communication and critical thinking.”

“In today’s work environment, collaboration is essential as few tasks are completed alone and technology facilitates teamwork that was previously impossible,” said Ted Brodheim, vice president of Vertical Business at Samsung Electronics America, according to a recent press release.

“Samsung is committed to delivering technology that facilitates this teamwork, helping students create, communicate, challenge and think critically. We’re helping schools deploy one-to-one digital learning solutions that drive collaboration and encourage creative problem solving to help students succeed.”

Samsung and their partners will focus on converting classrooms to Chromebooks, expanding the classroom in a box on-to-on learning solution and SMART amp that will give teachers a resource to help in the transition.

“Neverware’s CloudReady OS conversion software provides a cost-effective and efficient pathway to one-to-one adoption,” according to the releases response on converting classrooms to Chromebooks.

“With one easy installation, computers running CloudReady can be used in the classroom alongside Samsung Chromebooks and managed under a single Google Device Management Console.”

Chromebooks are among some of the most inexpensive options for tech in the classroom. 

Classroom in a Box is a fully-integrated learning solution for schools looking to jump start one-to-one digital learning in their classrooms,” according to the report.

The Classroom in a Box will feature tools from McGraw-Hill education with some holding 30-month trials.

The final approach, which marks the partnership between Samsung and SMART Technologies is an online professional development feature called SMART amp.

SMART amp is purpose-built for education, cloud-based software offering that lets students co-create content on a digital canvas to enable anywhere, anytime collaboration,” according to the company.

With SMART amp, educators will also have a large online community and collection of resources. 

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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