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Responsible Teacher Social Media Conduct

While social media sites are being used throughout K-12 classrooms nationwide, the Internet can also be a dangerous and vulgar place. Educators who plan to use social media with students for the first time might want to check out these U.S. News tips before diving in.

“Eighty-seven percent of K-12 teachers have not integrated social media into classroom learning, according to a new survey from the University of Phoenix College of Education,” reported US News.

"In high school, another layer to that anxiety can be that my students are also on the social media platform that I may want to use," says Ike Smith, a former North Carolina high school teacher, who is now director of instructional support services for Watauga County Schools, according to the report.

“Teachers may not know if or how to interact with their students professionally online, he says.”

So, in order to prevent potentially stressful and complicated situations U.S. News suggests making sure you don’t tie personal accounts to professional use, encourage making parents completely aware of the use of social media in the classroom and how it will be used as well as be sure to get the proper permission from administrators and parents.

"Teachers may be enthusiastic about using social media in class," says Smith. But if teachers use an existing personal account to start doing that, they run the risk of parents or students seeing content that isn't professional, he says.

Whether it’s a post from an embarrassing uncle left on a timeline or a rant from an educator that may not be suitable for children, things can go very wrong for many on social media. Even more important, someone's social media life can possibly impact their career negatively in the short or long term.

If parents are onboard with social media in the classroom they might want to track what goes on their own. In that case, with the proper permissions parents can create their own account to monitor what students are doing as well.


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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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