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Reading Logs: Effective or Not?

Reading Logs: Effective or Not

We teachers might admit that our views on reading logs changed when we became parents. Having a stack of neatly filled out reading log forms is a different experience from chasing a third grader around the house while waving a paper and yelling "Read! Read!"

However, it's important to clue teachers into what students read independently and positively influence children's views on books, language, reading and writing. That said, would students and parents hold up their end of the bargain without reading logs? A widely shared post on the Yummy Mummy Club blog expressed the unfortunate reality that "reading logs can make children want to stop reading." Writer Andrea Nair takes issue with the ubiquitous language arts classroom paperwork and provides other suggestions for parents to effectively ensure that they are raising readers. Some of Nair's tips include:

  • Firstly, don’t force it.
  • Let your children/students see you reading.
  • Create a reading environment that feels comfortable to read in.
  • Provide choice and freedom.
  • Invite authors to come speak in your classroom.

With these tips in mind, possibly fewer parents will be heard yelling "Where's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Wait. What did you read last night? Where's your reading log? Get me a pen, quick!" and more teachers will be delighted to see eager readers begging for library media center trips.

Which of the above tactics do you use in your classroom? Share your thoughts on reading logs in the comments.

Read the full blog post.

Corrie Kerr, Education World Editor





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