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Program to Provide Veterans With Path to Substitute Teaching Certificate to Fill Increasing Teacher Vacancies

Program to Provide Veterans with Path to Substitute Teaching Certificate to Fill Increasing Teacher Vacancies

Next week, the program Veterans Reach to Teach will launch to fill teacher vacancies in Arizona schools by training veterans will bachelor’s degrees.

The program seeks to fill a growing number of vacancies in Arizona’s schools while also providing veterans with a way to serve their communities.

"The program will assist veterans who have a bachelor's degree in securing their substitute teaching certificate. Teachers On Call Arizona will provide veterans a wide variety of Professional Development courses, including specially developed coursework and will work closely with new veteran Guest Teachers to ensure they are well prepared for success in the classroom,” Checkered Flag Run said.

While the program will officially launch May 4th, it will not begin training veteran applicants for teaching assignments until this upcoming August, the release said.

The May 4th launch will include supporters from all over the state, educators and legislators included.

"The program kicks off with special guest, veteran and former principal/substitute teacher Dr. Robert Pipkin, and key supporters Arizona Rep. Reginald Bolding; Executive Director of Teachers On Call Arizona Dan Nienhauser; Founder of Purposely, Aaron Bare; President/CEO of Black Chamber of Arizona Kerwin Brown and [Checkered Flag Run Foundation founder and U.S. Army Desert Storm veteran Alan “AP”] Powell. Veterans will be able to meet school district leaders, learn more about the substitute process and even apply for an IVP Fingerprint card,” the release said.

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Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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