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Poll: Millennials Want More From Sex Ed

Poll: Millennials Want More From Sex Ed

A new poll from the Public Religion Research Institute is shedding light on how millennials feel about sex education.

"Roughly three out of every four millennials report that they had some exposure to sex education in middle or high school," according to the poll and an article on "And the same proportion say they favor teaching sex ed in public schools."

In other words, exposure is high and the desire to learn is there, but the poll reveals that what is lacking is apparently the quality of the education as perceived by students.

"Almost all of those who had sex ed classes said the information they were given was either 'very' or 'somewhat' medically accurate. But far fewer said their sex ed experiences were useful in real life: 37 percent said their education was 'not helpful' in navigating decisions about sex and relationships," according to the article.

Several experts weighed in on why sex ed classes aren't giving students the information they need and want to live healthier lives. Adam Tenner, executive director of the D.C. community health organization Metro TeenAids, listed several reasons sex ed in schools can be better.

“Establishing consent in a sexual encounter is among the topics that sex ed classes often don’t get to, Tenner said,” according to the article. “A startling number of poll respondents said that sexual assault — which has gained attention as a problem on college campuses — is a common problem in middle and high schools.”

According to the article, "great majority of poll respondents said they learned about topics such as sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, birth control and abstinence. But only 45 percent said they discussed healthy relationships, and only 12 percent said they discussed same-sex relationships."

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor

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