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Playing Video Games for an Hour a Day Can Be Beneficial

Children who play video games for up to an hour a day are happier, more sociable and less hyperactive than those who don’t play at all, research has found.

Despite widespread fears that video game usage is harmful, The Telegraph reported on an Oxford University study which found that playing for up to 60 minutes a day could actually be beneficial for boys and girls ages 10 to 15.

“Games provide a wide range of novel cognitive challenges, opportunities for exploration, relaxation and socialization with peers,” the study said. “Like non-digitally mediated forms of child play, games may encourage child well-being and healthy social adjustment.”

However, those who played “excessively” – for more than three hours a day – did see some harmful effects.

The report's author, Dr. Andrew Przybylski, told The Telegraph that further research is needed to determine which kinds of games are beneficial or harmful. He added that recommended time limits on video game playing had “little scientific basis.”

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