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PD Book Helps Teachers Grade 'Smarter'

PD Book Helps Teachers Grade "Smarter'

As students get back into the groove of the classroom, teachers will also be making new professional development plans for the new year. From improving grading practices to homework assignments, there are many resources teachers can utilize to help their students succeed. 

An article on addresses making homework "meaningful." In a book, "Grading Smarter, Not Harder: Assessment Strategies That Motivate Kids and Help Them Learn", author Myron Dueck "provides several strategies for educators who want to ensure grades actually measure student learning."

"In the following excerpt, Dueck addresses how one of his strategies, in-class quizzes based on homework assignments, can help lead to student achievement," the article said. "He also shares the benefits of using in-class quizzes and explains why they are so effective in increasing students' level of understanding."

In Chapter Two, "Homework", Dueck said in-class quizzes "involves developing a set of quizzes based on homework assignments."

"For example, a teacher might assign students a practice sheet of 20 questions in support of an in-class math lesson, then suggest that they work on the questions at home to further their understanding," Dueck said. In the chapter, Dueck said this strategy is effective "for the following reasons":

  1. When compared to uniform homework, an in-class quiz is a much more accurate representation of each student's ability and understanding. 
  2. Because the in-class quiz is completed in a controlled, quiet, and safe environment, it is fairer and more equitably than conventional homework. 
  3. Because there are fewer questions to grade in in-class quizzes than in traditional homework, teacher face less work and students receive feedback faster. 

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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