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PD Specialist Shares Communication Tips to Connect with Students, Parents

PD Specialist Gives Tips on Connecting with Students, Parents Through Digital Media Tools

Technology is becoming a large part of today's classrooms, and may be one of the biggest tools teachers and students use throughout their day. 

Patricia Brown, professional development specialist and edtech consultant wrote an article on EdSurge about using technology to connect with students in and out of the classroom. Brown asked teachers to "reflect" on "how well they integrated technology in their classroom."

"Unlike 'using' technology, which can seem more like an arbitrary afterthought, integrating technology can be a planned, purposeful part of the classroom environment," she said. "But at the end of the day, there are always questions to ask yourself: What tool did I use to connect with my parents and students? How well did I collaborate with other educators? What didn't work? What is one thing I would like to try differently this year?"

Brown gives teachers tips on how to effectively integrate edtech tools in the classroom and said "opening up these lines of communication helps you to determine areas in which you could improve your teaching with simple tools that help you stay organized and engage your students." Brown's first tip was to "leverage relationships with students."

"Our students need an authentic audiences, and the ability to connect with others too," she said.

Brown said one effective tool is Skype, and can be used to "support your curriculum, such as participating in a Mystery Skypes, or an author visit via Skype Experts.

Brown suggested NASA's  Digital Learning Network that allow students to Skype with astronauts. you can sign up your classes to Skype with an astronaut or a member of NASA." 

Read the full story. 

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor.

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