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Over 380,000 Students Vote in Newsela’s Students Vote 2016, Pick Hillary Clinton

Over 380,000 Students Vote in Newsela’s Students Vote 2016, Pick Hillary Clinton

Over 380,000 students in 16,000+ schools voted in Newsela’s Students Vote 2016 to select the country’s next president ahead of the general election on November 8.

When looking at national results, students overwhelmingly selected Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton (57 percent) over Republican candidate Donald Trump (32 percent).

Newsela also provided the option for international students to vote in the polls, and even more international students favored Clinton (70 percent versus 20 percent for Trump).

When looking at the national results based on grade levels, while students overwhelmingly selected Clinton in lower grades, they were less likely to vote for her and far more likely to vote for third-party candidates in higher grades.

When looking at state-by-state analysis, Clinton dominated in most states (especially in California where she won 72 percent of the vote), while Trump won in states like Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky and Ohio.

Clinton notably took typical Republican strongholds like Texas, Georgia and South Carolina.

Newsela’s Students Vote 2016 polled students in registered classes from October 17-November 1.

Newsela has been a great resource for educators looking to engage students in the upcoming presidential election as it provides teachers with daily news and nonfiction articles tailored to reading levels that are suitable for each and every student. Viewable through a free account, articles like "Clinton and Trump tangle in their first presidential debate" have helped students read and understand election material to keep up with current news on their own. Newsela says their polls indicate over 1 million students have read at least one election-related article this year.

Newsela isn’t the only service providing students with the opportunity to vote; Scholastic has been tallying the student vote since 1940. This year, 150,000 students voted in the Scholastic Student Vote 2016 and selected Hillary Clinton by 52 percent.

Read more about the Newsela Students Vote 2016 results here.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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