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Organization Aims to Help New Immigrant Students Adjust to School

Organization Aims to Help New Immigrant Students Adjust to School

The first day of high school is tough for everyone. It can be more nervewracking, however, for students who are new to a country as well. 

The NOW program in Ontario, also known as Newcomer Orientation Week, helps immigrant students who are new to Canada adjust to the school system, according to a recent Toronto Star article. During the four-day program, students are guided by peer-leaders who went through the same experience of battling culture shock. Groups of kids get together as they play games, learn about services, meet teachers, and other newcomers.

The article also features a two-minute video (also embedded here below) about the program, as well as voices from peer leaders and new teens to the school and country. 

“It is difficult to start high-school in a new country as an immigrant for many different reasons,” said Laleh Azadani who came from Afghanistan, in the article. Azadani is a peer leader. She said common concerns are the& language barrier, fear of having no friends and a different education system. Azadini said she remembers being "really shy and never imagining that she would be a peer leader for students just like her this year."

“I went through this situation so it was really good to meet people,” Azadani said in the article. “Give them some hope and just have some fun with them."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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