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Online Consignment Store for Teachers to Debut on National Teacher Appreciation Day

Online Consignment Store for Teachers to Debut on National Teacher Appreciation Day

A first-of-its-kind online consignment will be launching next week for teachers to buy and sell gently used classroom supplies.

"Pass The Apple is pleased to announce on May 3rd, National Teacher Appreciation Day the launch of, a first of its kind online consignment store for teachers. gives teachers across the country the opportunity to find gently used classroom supplies that they can put to use in their classrooms for significantly less money than they would pay in stores,” the company said in a press release.

The online consignment shop seeks to help teachers manage their limited budget supply by finding perfectly good used supplies for a much cheaper price than in-stores. Products are sold at a price point of 50-80 percent off.

Additionally, a partnership between Pass The Apple and helps fund projects listed by teachers on Donors Choose.

"Pass The Apple is...pleased to announce its partnership, known as The Giving Tree, with This organization helps teachers around the country get funding for classroom supplies, new technology, and field trips. Whenever someone makes a purchase on, they are given the option to round up their purchase to the nearest dollar. Those extra cents are then donated to member-created projects on,” Pass The Apple said.

Creator and former public school teacher Yolanda Terry hopes Pass The Apple will become a thriving community exchange of both supplies and ideas; she hopes it will soon become a network of support for the country’s teachers.

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Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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