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Ohio AP Gov Students Use Field Trips to Be Immersed in 2016 Presidential Election

Ohio AP Gov Students Use Field Trips to be Immersed in 2016 Presidential Election

A group of Ohio high school seniors are learning about the political process behind campaigning for president in the best way possible--taking field trips to watch presidential hopefuls speak.

The advanced placement government students have so far been able to meet Hillary Clinton, Mark Rubio and Rick Santorum and hope to meet other hopefuls like Ben Carson, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders soon.

Certainly, the group of 28 students from Taylor High School are getting an incredibly valuable experience learning about the political process by seeing it up close and personal.

Taylor High School has a reputation for giving its government students these kinds of hands-on experiences.

"Students have attended the Iowa caucuses and witnessed presidential politics since 2008. When the White House isn't up for grabs, the Yellow Jackets went to Gettysburg, Colonial Williamsburg and other East Coast destinations. Many of these trips include juniors and seniors at the high school,” according to the article on

"This field trip could be one of a kind. While other student activities are meticulously planned, the constantly shifting schedules of the candidates throws any agenda out the window,” the article said.

Many of the group’s students will be eligible to vote for their first time this November and it seems that they are thankful to have the experience to formulate their own political views outside of family influence.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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