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Officials Seek to Reduce Stress by Providing Teachers With In-School Wellness Center

Officials Seek to Reduce Stress by Providing Teachers with In-School Wellness Center

Year after year, studies frequently show that most educators experience high levels of stress. In order to help teachers reduce stress, officials in one south Baltimore school have provided teachers with a state-of-the-arts wellness center to act as a kind of teacher haven.

According to CBS Baltimore, the center was provided by a Baltimore-based firm in hopes of attracting more teachers to the district.

"A heavy rope workout that includes squats with dumbbells and maybe even a weighted ball routine is the kind of exercise that crushes stress, builds muscle and keeps a teacher fit enough to brave the next day in class," said the news outlet.

The new wellness center at Francis Scott Key Elementary/Middle School provides teachers with the space and equipment to perform these kinds of stress-reducing activities.

With the busy schedules that teachers must work with, the center provides a way for teachers to get a workout in without having to even leave the school and without the nuisance of a monthly membership fee.

If the wellness center proves to be a success this school year, other schools in Baltimore could be getting one soon, as well.

With that being said, teachers: if you are feeling the effects of high levels of stress especially as the school year begins again, know when to recognize the signs that a break is needed.

According to Forbes, there are several tell-tale signs to look for to know that you are experiencing an unhealthy level of stress. Increased irritability, frequent minor illnesses/ short-term absences, disorganization, forgetfulness and avoidant behavior are all symptoms of consistently high stress levels.

Make sure to be in the best state of mind for your classroom by taking measures to avoid stress and burn-out this school year, even if a wellness center is not yet available in your school.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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