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New Study Shows Increased Engagement With More Tech Access

Easier Tech Access Aids In Students Engagement In Learning

Technology in and out of the classroom has positive affects in some areas of a student's learning, according to a study by Kajeet and Project Tomorrow.

“The two-year-long study focused on the impact of mobile devices on teaching and learning,” reported ESchoolNews. “The Making Learning Mobile 2.0 study continues taking an in-depth look at the impact of one-to-one tablet implementation, including internet access outside the classroom, with Chicago Public Schools students.”

The study looked to see whether or not having technology such as tablets and high-speed internet access boosts the engagement of students. It further tests the theory of introducing technological tools to aid a student’s development in the classroom.

“The objectives were to evaluate how the students used the devices, in and outside the classroom, to support their schoolwork and extend learning beyond the classroom, focusing on increased literacy,’ according to the ESchoolNews report.”

The study showed that, “93 percent of the students in the Chicago focus school were considered low income and 45 percent were qualified as English Language Learners.”

A little more than one-third of the students said they did not have internet access at home. Having the internet access at home increased the students' reading and writing fluency. Interestingly, the article also stated that teachers felt more comfortable with assigning more reading and writing homework as well.

“We wanted to evaluate how access to these devices for communication with teachers and classmates increases comfort with technology, extends the learning day, and allows students to develop digital citizenship skills within a safe and secure learning environment,” said Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow according to the ESchoolNews article.

“During the second year of the study, we were interested in learning how the teachers would integrate the devices into instruction and how that integration would help the students develop stronger research skills.”

Having technology in and out of the classroom is proving to show some interesting results. Technology is now providing what looks to be a comfort zone for both educators and students that could aid in their ability to improve and develop English Language Arts skills.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World contributor.

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