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Pearson Partnership to Bring Current Events to 6-12 ELA Curriculum

New Pearson Partnership to Bring Current Events to 6-12 English Curriculum

Pearson has partnered with Listen Current and will be offering daily current events and lessons to the digital classroom via its 6-12 literature curriculum.

"That curriculum called, Pearson Literature, will now feature Listen Current connections that build on topics students are exploring in the program to make learning relevant and meaningful," said

The partnership will rely on public radio to relate current events and affairs to what students in 6-12 classrooms are learning in their English curriculum.

"Listen Current offers daily current events and lessons for English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science in middle and high schools. The intent is to help students connect with what they are learning every day," the article said.

The public radio broadcasts provided through Listen Current will bring Pearson Literature content as up-to-date as possible to expand learning beyond the walls of the classroom.

The goal of Pearson Literature, according to its press release, is to teach students "how to read independently, build strong content knowledge, respond and communicate with their peers, form and defend their own opinions, use technology strategically and capably, and understand other perspectives in order to be successful in today’s world."

Both Pearson and Listen Current aim for the partnership to use the public radio broadcasts to enhance their goal of preparing students for today's world through career readiness.

"The real world relevance of these audio stories help students connect with what they are learning every day. All the while, students are working on listening skills for college and career readiness, which have been almost entirely missing from classroom instruction," the press release said.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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