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New App Teaches Students About Digital Literacy

New App Teaches Students about Digital Literacy

Teachers may be able to enhance their digital literacy lessons by using a recently released app that aims to teach students about safely and smartly accessing websites.

The Digital Citizenship App from "provides students with comprehensive instruction on online safety, ethical use of digital resources, and cyberbullying," said the app's homepage on

"The app’s interface, lessons, and activities are designed to prepare students for high school," the app's overview said. "It also includes reporting functionality to help districts meet the online safety and cyberbullying instruction requirements for E-Rate funding."

The app is available for iOs and Android smartphones or tablets, and "supports BYOD or one-to-one by helping districts ensure that students know how to use devices safely and ethically."

Some of the apps features and benefits include, "an easy-to-implement curriculum about online safety, cyberbullying, and the ethical use of digital resources," said The app is self-guided, "yet ensures that students have a strong grasp of instructional objectives by requiring students to complete a quiz."

"As Internet access and the use of digital devices increases in many schools, it is vital that students know how to remain safe and make good choices online," said "Now, there’s an app for that!"

The app offers three types of lessons: online safety, ethical use of digital resources, and cyberbullying. In regards to cyberbullying, students can watch videos, play games, and participate in other activities that "helps students identify what cyberbullying is along with the proper responses and prevention methods to reduce the likelihood of becoming a target of cyberbulling."

Learn more about the app. 

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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