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MusicFirst App Introduced to Simplify Music Education

MusicFirst, a company that specializes in digital music education has released the MusicFirst Student App. While art and music remain two of the curriculums that suffer the most in a move towards coding and STEM focus, there are still ways to keep them alive.

The app allows students who are subscribed to the MusicFirst Online Classroom to view and complete tasks assigned to them by their teachers, using an iPhone or iPad.

“The MusicFirst Student App reflects the next step in our efforts to streamline music education for teachers and students using cloud-based solutions,” said MusicFirst Director, Dr. Jim Frankel.

“Now students can continue learning at home using their iOS devices, and even submit completed work through the app.”

The app works a lot like other classroom management software on the market. A teacher or school administrator provides students a username and password.

Students simply log in, and will see a list of their tasks assigned by their teacher. If a task requires them to make a recording, the app provides a recorder allowing students to play directly into the microphone on their iOS device.

After completing their assignment the work can be saved directly on the cloud, where teachers can listen, review and grade the assignment.  

Other MusicFirst cloud apps such as Focus on Sound and Noteflight can be accessed directly from the MusicFirst Student App, with the integration of additional cloud apps to be announced soon. Tasks that teachers have assigned to students using these apps can also be completed and submitted for their teachers to review and grade online.

Music and the arts have been a struggling curriculum in schools nationwide. Apps like this are looking to help keep music and the arts alive in the classroom. Schools won’t have to worry about budgeting for the application because it’s free. However, it would be easily handled in classrooms better suited with EdTech devices. The MusicFirst Student App is a free download and available now in the Mac App Store.

Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor.

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