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Monica Lewinsky’s Anti-Bullying Campaign Launches #BeStrong Emojis for World Safer Internet Day

Monica Lewinsky’s Anti-Bullying Campaign Launches #BeStrong Emojis for World Safer Internet Day

Monica Lewinsky, a long-time anti-bullying advocate, has announced the launch of a new emoji keyboard to allow people to quickly lend support to friends in-need.

Released today in honor of World Safer Internet Day, the keyboard is now available for download and use on the iTunes App Store.

Ever since becoming nationally and globally known for her affair with President Bill Clinton while as a White House Intern, Lewinsky has used her recognizable name to become an activist.

"Lewinsky knows from firsthand experience what it means to know you're not alone when you're going through a rough period. In a video accompanying the announcement, Lewinsky says that in 1998, the highlight of her day was often receiving letters of support from strangers in the mail,” said

This isn’t the first time an anti-bullying campaign has made use of emojis as a form of support system.

Last December, the Ad Council created a custom eye emoji "to give teens who witness bullying and cruelty on the internet the power to take a stand; the custom eye emoji signifies a unifying symbol that is one-of-its-kind,” Education World reported. 

Or, was one-of-a-kind at least. Now, Lewinsky is offering a full selection of emojis in different color schemes to enable people to lend quick support to troubled friends.

"Emojis are like modern-day cave paintings: simple, direct, visual. And because visual images are processed far faster than text, emojis can be among the quickest ways to send a message of support or concern,” said Monica Lewinsky in a Vanity Fair article, the first source to debut Lewinsky’s emojis as she is a Vanity Fair contributing editor.

Read the full story and see the emojis here.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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