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Microsoft Releases New OneNote App for Educators

Microsoft Releases New OneNote App for Educators

Microsoft is taking the next step in OneNote after its release of the new OneNote Class Notebook Creator app on Tuesday. 

With the app, educators can "build and deploy notebooks to students in their classes using Microsoft’s note taking software and Office 365," said an article on "Teachers can create one managed notebook that they can use to review and leave feedback on a student’s work, and couple that with a content library that contains relevant class resources."

With OneNote, students and teachers can also correspond on a shared space where they can discuss and work together on their assignments. In addition, the service also includes a shared collaboration space where students can go to discuss and work together on topics related to the class. The service is free to those educators who have Office 365.

"Today’s announcement comes after a number of other updates to OneNote, including support for handwriting notes into a notebook," the article said. "Microsoft has made a number of updates to OneNote this year to appeal to a wider audience, including releasing it as a free app for Windows, the Mac, iPad and Android tablets."

Microsoft is working towards making its software more appealing to educators, the article said. "Right now, educators have more choices when it comes to what electronic devices they use in their classrooms than ever before, so Microsoft needs to keep innovating to address teacher needs."

See how it works:

Read the full story. 

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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