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Opinion: 'Real Life' Lessons Should Drive Education

Make Teaching Real Life a 'Driving Force' in Education

"One of the enigmas of public education is the dearth of important life skills not taught in classrooms." The most common cause for death among teenagers is fatal car crashes, and schools aren't doing their part in teaching their students basic vehicle safety. 

So said Brian Crosby, writer for Glendale News-Press, who believes schools have plenty of bullying and drug-prevention programs, but nothing on car-accident prevention. According to Giorgos Kazanis, public information officer for the California Department of Education, out of the 1,100 school districts in the state, only 171 still offer driving-education courses. Crosby said along with driver safety in the curriculum, schools, especially high schools, should teach students how to open a bank account, how to apply for a credit card and how to get a loan.

"Sure, young people can quickly figure out how to text using abbreviations and emoticons, but how many know how to intelligently navigate the Internet or specify their Google searches, important lifelong abilities?" he said. "Some reaching on their own may give a lesson or two on life skills, but there is nothing that mandates it."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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