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Mail Carrier's Social Media Post Helps Boy Without Access to Books

Mail Carrier's Social Media Post Helps Boy Get Books

When Utah postal carrier Ron Lynch was doing his usual delivery route earlier this month, he had no idea the kind of life-changing encounter that would await him.

According to ABC News, while Lynch was putting mail in individual boxes for residents in an apartment complex, he met 12-year-old Mathew Flores.

Flores was reading through newspaper advertisements- things like grocery ads, Lynch said- when he approached the postal carrier for some more newspaper or junk material to read.

Flores told Lynch he wanted to read more, but had no books at home.

Lynch's first response was to tell him about the library, where he could find hundreds of books for no charge. But Flores said his family had no car and he had no money to take a bus to get there.

That's when Lynch became inspired to act. Lynch told ABC News, "I came over and talked to his mom, who mostly spoke Spanish, but Mathew helped translate. She gave me permission to use a photo of him, which I posted to Facebook along with a plea asking for book donations to his address."

Lynch posted the following to his Facebook page, which at the time of this article has nearly 15,000 shares.



Facebook friends... This is Matthew Flores. Today while delivering mail to his apartment complex, I saw him reading ads,...

Posted by Ron Lynch on Thursday, July 23, 2015

People from all over the world were moved by Flores' story, and as of now Flores has received over 500 books.

"A bookshelf in the kitchen that was formerly used as a makeshift pantry is now in Flores' bedroom, his mother Laura Rojas told ABC News today. She added she's so proud of her son and grateful for all the kindness of the donors," said the article.

Rojas also told ABC News Flores is most excited to begin the Harry Potter series he received.

Read the full story here and comment with your thoughts below.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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