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Louisiana’s Attorney General and New Governor Spar Over Federal Common Core Lawsuit

Louisiana’s Attorney General and New Governor Spar Over Federal Common Core Lawsuit

Put simply, it goes like this:

Louisiana’s new governor, Democrat John Bel Edwards would like to drop a lawsuit waged by former Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal against the federal government for enticing states to adopt the Common Core.

Edwards thought as governor he would have no problem dropping the suit- until Louisiana’s Attorney General Jeff Landry stepped in and said he would be taking over the suit to continue it.

It’s one of the most prominent battles involving the Common Core in the country.

The Daily Caller said the lawsuit is currently awaiting an appeal before the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and has already cost the state hundreds of thousands of dollars so far.

In Edwards’ opinion, the lawsuit is too costly and no longer relevant to keep being involved in.

"Edwards’ office said a recently signed federal law barring the government from mandating standards, combined with Louisiana’s work to rewrite its public school standards, makes the lawsuit 'educationally and financially unnecessary,’” said the Minden Press-Herald.

Landry, on the other hand, is determined to make a point about federal overreach.

"'The pleadings of this case show the lawsuit is not just about one government program, but about federal overreach in an area of law traditionally left to state and local governments,' Landry said. He goes on to argue several finer points of case law before telling Edwards that there's a possibility he may not pursue the case,’” said

Edwards argues that as the client, he and not the attorney should have the ultimate decision on whether or not the case moves forward.

Landry argued in a letter on Monday that the Attorney General has the authority to make decisions on the behalf of the state.

Edwards has yet to respond.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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